ELA Doctorate Workshop

Every year the ELA Research committee organises a European Doctorate Workshop.

Lecturors in Logistics and Supply Chain are invited to propose one doctoral student from their university, who could contribute to this workshop with an interesting doctoral research project within logistics. All fields of logistics in the broadest sense are of interest.

The nominated student is requested to prepare a three-page paper containing a brief description of the project (research objectives, methodology, expected results, list of references etc.) and submit the proposal.

The ELA Research Committee will evaluate the submitted papers and invite about 20 doctoral students to participate in the workshop. All the students have to prepare a formal presentation. The chairman and 3 other experienced logistics professors from Europe will participate as advisors and moderators during the workshop.

Next edition, of which you can find the program below, will take place October 13th-16th live at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland.

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