Report ELA Doctorate Workshop 2017

The decision about location the 22-nd ELA Doctorate Workshop at the Wroclaw University of Economics in Poland was taken by members of Research Committee Meeting in Brussels on 30-th of November 2016. During the meeting the chairman of the ELA DoctorateWorkshop Prof. Jaroslaw Witkowski from the Wroclaw University of Economics as well as Keynote Speaker Prof. Alan McKinnon from Kuehne Logistics University were confirmed. 

The final team of workshop was as follows:

Keynote Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Alan McKinnon (Kuehne Logistics University, Germany)


Chairman and Session I: Prof. Dr. Jaroslaw Witkowski (Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland)

Session II: Prof. Dr.  Günter Prockl (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

Session III: Prof. Dr. Luuk Veelentruf (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)

Session IV: Prof. Dr. Claudio Ferrari (University of Genova, Italy)


The call for PhD proposals was sent out by Chairman of ELA Research Committee Prof. Hans Christian Pfohl  in 2-nd of December 2016. As last year the announcement was also spread out by the others research committee and workshop team members. Until the deadline 3-rd of March 2017 the chairman of the workshop received 31 PhD proposals and letters of recommendation signed by supervisors from 12 countries. The participants of next the ELA Research Committee Meeting in Brussels in April selected 20 applications and decided about their allocations to the responsible moderators based of their own academic backgrounds . Taking into account the suggestions from the last years, all of the accepted three pages PhD concepts were visible for all participants about two months before the beginning of 22-ed ELA Doctorate Workshop in Wroclaw.    

The workshop was organized within four sessions with five presentations as follows:

  • 15 minutes PhD proposal presentation,
  • 10 minutes moderator questions and discussion,
  • 5 minutes questions from two students appointed as a opponents.

According to the agenda of the workshop the keynote speaker as well as all the moderators introduced themselves and described the contemporary logistics research topics in which they have been involved in. In the middle of the next day of the workshop Prof. Alan McKinnon gave very interesting lecture under the title: “A Global Shortage of the Logistics Skills? Issues, Polices and Research Challenges”. In the end of the formal part of the workshop Prof. Hans Christian Pfohl as a chairman of the ELA Research Committee handed over the special certificates to all students who presented their PhD proposals.     

During the final dinner the moderators awarded the best student presentation by Emine Zehra Akgun from Edinburgh Napier University in UK.  The dinner speaker was Krzysztof  Dwornik vice-president  of innovative company who is provider of electronic freight exchange and computer systems to automate logistics processes. The feedback recived from all participants, related both the scientific as well as social network perspectives of the workshop, was generally very positive