Professional of the year

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The "ELA Award" - Professional of the year awards an individual who may have made an important contribution to the development of the logistics business environment, who can be considered as an opinion leader and works inspirational for the logistics professionals in his or her country.


This individual may have led a significant change program, delivered an innovative solution or gained significant professional credibility through educational, research or operational activities.


The ELA Award will be determined using a format similar to that of the "Champions League". Each national member association is invited to enter one professional and a European panel of judges will select the Gold Medal winner from all of the entries. The criteria used to select the winner of the award are designed to encourage entries from various professions.


The professionals must be prejudged by the respective national ELA member association and must also be submitted by them. The entries should be written in English, may not exceed 2x A4 pages including text and pictures etc. and must include the “Professional Registration Form”. The format should be in PDF, Word or PowerPoint, or in any other common digital format. Additional electronic media such as videos or presentations will not be considered and should not be included.


An international jury will assess all professionals by judging the curricula of the nominated candidates through a purposely-designed evaluation grid. Grading criteria in the grid include the degree of innovation and the economic relevance of the ideas and projects set forth by the candidates, the degree of environmental sustainability and innovation.

Finally, the jury will decide upon the final three and these candidates will be invited to an interview by conference call where they can elaborate on their achievements.


For further information on the awards contact your national logistics association. All member associations are listed here.