ELA Doctorate Workshop 2022, June 29 – July 02 2022 Copenhagen (Denmark)

The twenty-sixth ELA Doctorate Workshop will take place in Copenhagen (Denmark) from June 29th until July 02 nd2022 at Copenhagen Business School - CBS.


I would like to invite you to propose one doctoral student from your university, who could contribute to this workshop with an interesting doctoral research project within logistics. All fields of logistics in the broadest sense are of interest.


The nominated student is requested to prepare a three-page proposal indicating: the title of the research project, name, affiliation, contact details and email address, the stage of the research project (beginning, middle, end) and a brief description of the project (research objectives, methodology, expected results, list of references, etc.) and submit it before March 18th, 2022.


The application should also include a short letter of recommendation from the main PhD supervisor or Head of the Department (this letter can follow after the proposal, if necessary). More information about ELA and the previous doctorate workshops can be found at the homepage of TU Darmstadt (Supply Chain and Network Management http://www.scnm.tu-darmstadt.de - on the right side click on ELA Logistics Association). It is also possible to follows us on Facebook


The ELA Research Committee will evaluate the submitted proposal and invite about 20 doctoral students to participate in the workshop. All the students have to prepare a formal presentation of their project. The chairman and 3 other experienced logistics professors from Europe will participate as advisors and moderators during the workshop. The Kuehne Foundation is the sponsor of the workshop and it will cover accommodation and meals expenses for all the invited doctoral students. Travel costs have to be paid by the participants themselves. The ELA doctorate workshop is highly recommended. It is an excellent opportunity for doctoral students from all over Europe to meet and establish a valuable network. Students can get 3 ECTS.


Please send the proposal as an attached document in Word to the chairman of the workshop:



Research Institute on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS) National Research Council (CNR)

Via G. Sanfelice, 8 - 80134 Naples (Italy)

E-mail: p.evangelista@iriss.cnr.it

Tel.: +39 081 2470982